BIM design process planning techniques

Design planning is about organizing the information flow, not just charging for the drawings and models delivery!

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1 de março de 2022
12 hours - 6 lessons of 2 hours. 2 x week



BIM Course

Why do designs delay?

Some key factors

  • The design process is planned with inadequate planning techniques.
  • The design schedules used in the market focus only on the deliverables and not on the information needed to get to them.
  • The estimated timeframes do not take into account the exchange cycles between the designers and coordination.
  • These cycles generate repetitions that, if not dimensioned, cause delays.
  • BIM designs need to be transferred to the CDE (common data environment) frequently and regularly, not only when they are ready

Understand the DSM methodology so you can definitely learn to manage projects in BIM



  • Content
  • Causes of design rework and how to avoid it
  • How to work collaboratively in BIM?
  • Learning how to create the WBS (work breakdown structure) for design
  • How to structure the work flow of the desing process
  • How to link tasks with the information they require
  • Representing the information flow of the design process in a BPMN diagram
  • Learning how to represent the information flow in the DSM (project dependency matrix)
  • Optimizing a sequence of tasks with the DSM algorithm
  • Generate and export a precedence network to MsProject
  • Basic concepts for using MsProject
  • How to create short term cycles and do agile management
  • How to use a CDE (Common Data Environment) to generate the short term tasks in BCF format (BIM collaboration format)

Planning Methodology Summary


PlanZ, the software that automates the entire process


  • The course will be spoken in English by the teacher
  • The course material is written in English
  • Live online course by Zoom
  • Exclusive group on Telegram to ask questions with the teacher
  • Authenticated certificate
  • Use of the Canvas platform for repository of course material
  • Download of mp4 recorded classes with no expiration date
  • Use of PLANZ software during the course
  • Teaching and provision of the DSM Macro (free) for Excel
  • Teaching the Bizagi software (free) for designing the project process flow
  • Teaching MsProject (or Project Libre – free) for elaborating the project schedule


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